All about the Octave

The bridge into wellbeing

It’s an alignment, an awareness, not a teaching

There is a new level of consciousness available. It’s a shift away from the challenges and limitations we may currently find ourselves in. It’s an alignment into a new state of vibrational frequency. A state of being called the Octave.  It is smoother, allowing, enjoyable, much more comfortable and exciting.

Why do we call it the Octave?

In music, an octave is the interval between two notes where the higher note has a frequency exactly double that of the lower note. The third-dimensional game has been played in anger, frustration, fear etc. Here, this Octave is an elevated leap above that 3D game into a higher frequency of joy, ease and buoyancy. 

Watch this short introduction to the Octave to see if you can FEEL what is being shared.


The Octave is the next evolution of human consciousness

Many of us don’t like the world we live in. We’re fed up with wars, famines, hate and the inhumanity of it all.  We are all saying, “I want more.”  And from this loud desire, an architecture was created that allows for a new realm of consciousness to come into existence.  Keeping that simple, the thought of creating something different becomes something tangible to hold on to. 

As more and more of us say, “Enough is enough!” a powerful energy builds into a greater possibility.  This energy begins to work its way down from an intangible non-physical thought into the physicality of another, better creation.  This field of energy is the Octave. It is the bridge that helps us move from the pain of the third dimension to the wellbeing of the fifth.

Living withn the Octave, the energetics are much looser and less rigid. The architecture of the Octave is built upon those words of ease and joy and lightness. Gravity has a different configuration in the Octave.  There’s a buoyancy in that space.

The Octave plays very differently than your physical 3D world plays.  Within the Octave, your “I’m not okay” begins to go away and there’s much more room for you, as a spiritual being, to begin to demonstrate who you really are. You begin to become You without the fear, the anxiety, and the pain.

You no longer need to work to figure it out. It comes to you.

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The bridge into 5D

What’s so special about the Octave?

The Octave is sticky! 
In a good way. As you play in it, you get it all over you and when you drop back into 3D, some of that experience and feeling sticks with you.  Thus the more times you play, the less you drop out.

It’s your natural state of being – recognized.
You’ll just start to be more of who you really are.  This Octave becomes your state of being – enjoyment, comfortableness, happy, relaxed, no effort, no guilt, no punishment.

The Octave is light and buoyant!
It’s not rigid like the world we’re used to.  There is more flexibility to find solutions or ways to put the puzzle together.  It’s not about the right or wrong. It’s about play!  

There’s no failure.
If you discover your solution or idea isn’t working, it’s easier to just create another.  It’s just an easy “Oops, let me backup and unravel this.” There’s nobody sitting there saying, you’re bad or you’ve failed. 

The bridge to 5D.
What seemed impossible can now be accessible.  This vibrational field of Being is the bridge that makes moving into the fifthdimensional space of wellbeing more possible. With joy, ease, co-creation, cooperation, respect, dignity, integrity.

There’s a smile inside.
As you begin to get this vibration more established in your heart, you’re just going to find that you have a bigger smile and a sense of ease. You experience a “Hey, this is really nice” for no reason at all.

It allows.
It allows you to recognize you have
permission.  It allows you to have allowing for yourself.  There’s no guilt.  There’s no blame.  There’s no punishment or limits. 

A calmer mind.
The rational mind still has purpose, but it’s role changes as fear and anxiety diminish. It doesn’t have to figure out most of the things that you’ve labored with all your life. The answer will just appear where you ask the question.

Experience your imagination.
You can begin to imagine again, like when you were a child.  The imagination is the essence of creation and it’s one of the things that was taken away in the third-dimensional game that we’ve been playing.  In the Octave, you Make … Believe. You have permission to create on your terms. Imagination becomes a very real and powerful tool to create what you want. And Enjoy it!

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Tips & Tricks

How can I play with it?

While the Octave isn’t a tool, it has a lot of tool-like qualities to experiment with.

The magic eraser.
In this great place of ease, joy and curiosity, the heaviness of life’s challenges and old stuck patterns becomes nullified so it’s much easier to clear them out of your space.  It can even grab the static cling!

Clearly see more solutions.
The Octave allows you to remove the magnetic filters you see through. And the blinders that don’t let you see the wider picture.  You’ll find solutions and new ideas you couldn’t before.

Add ease and smooth things out.
Because nothing here is rigid, bring this light, buoyant energy into any space or situation that is heavy, polarized or not flowing smoothly.  It increases flexibility and opens up more space for opportunities, giving you some breathing room.

Level up into higher states of being.
The Octave is a bridge or the staircase that helps you move up to have access into the higher vibrational fields of wellbeing and joy.  It continues to expand as you continue to work and play with it. 

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