How do I quiet the rational mind to meditate?

Alchemy Unveiled Q&A Podcast

How do I do it?

In this episode, Rodney asks “It’s really hard to quiet the mind when it comes time in my daily life to meditate and find happy. What advice you have for a new student in the lessons?”

Jim empathizes with Rodney’s struggle, acknowledging that we’ve all faced similar obstacles on our spiritual journey. He shares valuable advice to help Rodney and others:

View the mind’s chatter as just noise—a real noise, but still noise. Create a special space of stillness and simply ask the rational mind to be quiet for a few minutes. In this newfound space of awareness, they can explore the experience of being present without the mind’s constant interference.

The Rose tool: play with it as you walk around in the world. This playful approach helps in managing one’s energetic space and staying centered, regardless of external influences or distractions. By being conscious of their energetic boundaries, individuals can create a sense of ease and lightness in their lives.

So, if you’re seeking to silence the noise within, embrace the power of present awareness, and discover your authentic self. The time to play and explore is now!

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