With the help of a simple rose

A powerful tool not only for empaths and HSPs

What if the world didn’t have to be so heavy or difficult?

Navigating and managing life can be challenging.  What if there was a way to make it easier?  If you’re an empath or an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) large crowds or social settings can be challenging.  Even one-on-ones can. Understanding where your Personal Energy Field starts and stops allows you to confidently live your own story and truth rather than the truth of those around you.  What if it wasn’t a matter of blocking or protecting yourself, but simply about recognizing and owning your space?

The Rose tool, introduced in the Foundation course, is a fundamental tool that helps you be in the world, but not be tossed around by it. The Rose tool is used to define your space. It’s not a boundary or wall, but instead, a way to identify what is you, and what is not you. When someone throws their bad day (anger, frustration) all over you, it’s easy to step aside and simply say “No thank you.” You don’t have to take it on or react to it.  Now you can observe from your side of the Rose and identify if this has anything to do with you. Then you can calmly choose to interact with it. Or not.

And the Rose tool does so much more too!


Create definition & clear out the rest

Why a rose?

We often get asked, why use a rose? We choose the rose not only because it’s beautiful and most people have no negative charge around it, but rose oil is one of the highest vibrational frequencies on the earth. Like noise cancelling headphones, the rose can cancel out the ugly noise and drama around you (phase cancelling). Low vibrational energies of fear, anger, etc. are cancelled out by the opposite, high frequency; the energy of well-being, balance and beauty.

And – along the Mastering Alchemy journey you’ll also play with other images for this purpose. Like a simple, colored dot or another type of flower you enjoy. It’s not possible to do this wrong. It’s a personal experiment.


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What can you do with it?

  • The Rose tool will help you define and hold your space, while you move through the noise of the reactionary, rigid world surrounding you.
  • Separating your energy from the painful energies, thoughts and emotions of others is necessary for your well-being and sanity.
  • You will create a quiet space for clear decision-making based on your own truth not the beliefs and opinions of others.
  • The Rose is an excellent and efficient tool for releasing limiting beliefs and habits. Old programming.
  • The Rose can also assist you in gathering up your energy from where you left it during the day before you go to sleep. For a restful, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Put a Rose between you and a scary movie or a difficult conversation. This can prevent emotional entanglement and knee-jerk reactions you’ll regret later.
  • Surround your home, office, car or shopping cart to create a personal bubble. You can now move around without becoming bothered.
  • Use the Rose to help set the tone of meetings, family gatherings or any room you step into.
  • The Rose tool can help release stuck energy in your physical body that may be causing minor discomfort.

How you use the Rose tool is up to you – and your fun imagination. These are only a few of the many possibilities.

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Morning Conversations

Talk to the Rose

Join Roxane and Jim for a morning chat as they explore creative uses of the Rose tool for familiar challenges, and find a more peaceful personal space. In this situation, they discuss a neighbor who has been invading Roxane’s space. Roxane has been using the “Rose Tool” to clean her out of her space using a technique called “Talk to the Rose”.

Learn how to set a red rose outside the edge of your energy field, and direct those who invade your boundaries to talk to the Rose when they come in contact with you. This is a great tool you can use to create a physical boundary and communicate with others.

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