On your way to wellbeing, do you know where you are?

Take a moment to pause, and assess where you are.

For many of us, we live our lives knowing that there is something more. Life happens to us while we dream of this nebulous space of “more,” something we feel deeply but is just out of our reach. Maybe this longing results in questions like “Should I get a new job?”, “Should I move somewhere else?” or “Do I enjoy these people in my life?”.  Maybe you even get a new job or move to the country only to find that the longing still exists and remains unsatisfied. So, what is this “more” and how do we get to it? 

More is … Well-Being!

Can you imagine the feeling of well-being?  Where every cell in your body relaxes and life feels simple, gentle, and peaceful. Can you breathe a little easier and smile? Can you envision yourself laughing and enjoying life?  Are you managing your thoughts?  Or maybe this feels impossible. Maybe life feels too full of challenges and difficulties for you to be able to imagine the feeling of well-being. Either way, how do we get to this feeling of well-being and have it be the default platform through which we experience life?

Do you know where you are?

It sounds like a silly question, but it’s important.  How can get to where you are going, if you haven’t stopped to pause and look at where you are now?

When you get in your car and use your GPS, you can’t identify a destination without also telling the GPS where you are currently located.  So, where are you right now?  Are you uncertain, frustrated, lost, unfocused?

Maybe you feel like everything is happening to you and that you have no control over your life.  Or maybe you can find the feeling of well-being but can’t maintain it in your everyday life.

Asking this question of where am I, allows you to pause, see where you are at, and then reset and find your next step.

What keeps me from feeling good all the time?

Answer = Thoughts are electrical, emotions are magnetic. Wait what?

In simple terms, we are taught by well-intentioned people in our lives that we are not OK in some form or another. We are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough! These energetic “gifts” then become electromagnetically locked into our space and form the basis for what we will experience in our lives. In essence, the “I am not OK” that was gifted to you by mom/dad/teacher/minister is creating your life for you. Yikes!!

The basic tools in Mastering Alchemy (Grounding, Center of the Head, Rose) allow us to create a space for recognizing these energetic gifts as “not us.” From this space of awareness, we can begin to electromagnetically “unlock” them, sweeping them away as easily as the dust on the shelf. It’s not complicated, in fact, it is quite simple!  We just need to remember the tools to complete the task and practice them in our everyday lives.

Identifying “who you are” by removing all the energetic patterns of “who you are not.”

Would you like to play?

This is the journey called Mastering Alchemy. Deciding what you want and energetically dressing yourself appropriately to be able to receive it.  Then living life from a platform of well-being where everything comes to you.

Join us in our new Energy Essentials class, where you will learn the tools to unravel everything that keeps you from experiencing “more.” And if you have already taken our Level 1 classes, join us in Level 2, where the only thing between you and the life you choose is just dust on the shelf.

Energy Essentials – Level 1 Course

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