Jim Self joins Guy Lawrence on Let It In podcast

It’s Happening! Why OUR REALITY Will Never Be the Same Again

In this episode, Guy introduced Jim Self, a spiritual teacher, for a deep conversation exploring the shift from third-dimensional reality to fifth-dimensional reality. They discussed the significance of a recent eclipse in the context of this shift and delved into what it means to be a spiritual being navigating life in the current paradigm. Listeners are encouraged to engage with the profound insights shared by Jim as they explore the transformative changes happening in our world.

Key Points Discussed:
(00:00) – Why OUR REALITY Will Never Be the Same Again.
(06:22) – The game of life.
(12:25) – The nature of dimensions.
(16:51) – The shift in human consciousness.
(21:15) – Global shifts and awakening.
(24:23) – The power of awakening.
(28:55) – Choice over surrender for growth.
(32:13) – Time as a tool, not truth.
(35:43) – Present time and dimensions.
(41:38) – A new dynamic of light.
(46:55) – Law of attraction.
(51:50) – Living without routines.
(55:25) – The world evolving beautifully.

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