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April 2022 - Why Is This All Happening?

This is an incredible time of Shift. Long-held institutions are collapsing, relationships are crumbling and the struggling climate is undeniable. Sometimes it all feels beyond our control. Is It?

March 2022 - Why This Equinox is Important

The 2021 Summer Solstice created the New Opportunity. The Winter Solstice lifted and expanded it. This Equinox anchors that opportunity to be experienced.

January 2022 -  2022. What's in It for You?

December 2021 - Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My!
Did you worry in 2021? Was the worry helpful? What’s happening to humanity and Earth?

August 2021 - Climate Change, Earth Shifts, and You
Answering the many brilliant questions we've received on this topic.

July 2021 - The Shift - An Update
We are living through incredible times. What’s happening to humanity and Earth? How are you navigating this crazy time of spiritual Shift?

Love is More Than a Pleasant Feeling
So. Much. More. Love is a powerful energy tool for your creations.

“Normal” No Longer Exists
What if we don't go back to Normal? What will New look like for you?

The Sleeping Consciousness Awakens
Together we have awakened a sleeping consciousness. There is a huge spiritual Shift occurring. How is it affecting you? What energy work will help you move through it with ease?

Navigating These Crazy Times
Learn what energy work will make this transition easier. Why am I feeling fear? Which Mastering Alchemy tools work to maintain my balance? Is planet Earth also going through a reset? Everything appears to be changing. Is it?