December 10, 1:00PM PST | 4:00PM EST

Mastery Virtual Conference: The Technology of Consciousness – How the Soul Thinks

Our task is not to build the technology. Our task is to begin to live the Spiritual Technology as the New Human.

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December 21, 5:00PM PST | 8:00PM EST

Building a Pathway Home Live Series: This Solstice – What’s Up for 2023?

This Solstice - What’s Up for 2023? We're all beginning to recognize that almost everything no longer works as it once did. There’s no going back to “before".

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December 15, 5:00PM PST | 8:00PM EST

Mastery Live Series: 5-6D. A New Game Board. New Rules, New Structures.

Rule #1 - The rules of 3D do not work in 5D. Rule #2 - The rules of 5D do not work in 3D. Rule #3 - You can’t be in both places simultaneously. You choose. Then how do you stay in the D that you chose?

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December 29, 5:00PM PST | 8:00PM EST

Deep Dive: Two Steps Back and Let Go

Is it time for you to pause, step back, and reassess?

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