Core, Level 2

March 18, 5:00PM PDT | 8:00PM EDT

Level 2 Q&A Call

We offer two exclusive live calls with Jim for all those in Level 2 to meet the needs of our students living around the globe. Feel free to attend either or both calls at 11am or 5pm.

Core, Journey, Mastery

March 28, 5:00PM PDT | 8:00PM EDT

Deep Dive Live Series: It’s Time to step out of Time

What keeps you stuck in time? Beliefs, thoughts, emotions, filters, and labels. Stepping outside of time replaces all of these with a state of neutrality. What would you like to remove from your story?

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Core, Foundation, Journey, Mastery

March 23, 9:00AM PDT | 12:00PM EDT

The Great Town Hall Community Conversation

Join the whole Mastering Alchemy community in our Town Hall call.  We'll cover some of the latest news, changes, and upcoming events for the next month.  And of course, time for great conversation to say hello and hear from you!

Core, Journey, Mastery

February 29, 5:00PM PST | 8:00PM EST

Deep Dive Live Series: Time to Step Back, Pause and Observe

All things may not be as they appear. Step back, allow events to unfold. Pause. The glass maybe half full not half empty. Observe and notice what you notice.