Core, Journey, Mastery

October 23, 5:00PM PDT | 8:00PM EDT

Deep Dive Live Series: The Rays of Creation – A deeper remembering. Part 3 of 3.

Let’s expand our understanding of the Rays, as applied from the Octave. Together we will play more with the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays while exploring the seventh and eighth.

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Core, Level 2

October 24, 11:00AM PDT | 2:00PM EDT

Level 2 Q&A Call

We offer two exclusive live calls with Jim for all those in Level 2 to meet the needs of our students living around the globe. Feel free to attend either or both calls at 11am or 5pm.

Core, Foundation, Journey, Mastery

October 12, 5:00PM PDT | 8:00PM EDT

Building a Pathway Home Live Series: Can I change my story?

What if the story you have created for yourself is not the story that actually occurred? Can I choose a different story? What if the story is simply in the way of who you Are?