Meditation: Your masculine and feminine energy

Explore the energy of you! This special meditation brings you into a quiet, comfortable state of awareness to really FEEL masculine and feminine energy without old labels or judgements, but in balance. You have both energies within you regardless of your physical form. Feel the fluidity and the expanded supported energy in balance that will allow the story to be re-written. It’s about aligning, recreating and remembering you.

Viewing Time 16 minutes

How do I quiet the rational mind to meditate?

Rodney says “It’s really hard to quiet the mind when it comes time in my daily life to meditate and find happy. What advice you have for a new student in the lessons?”

Jim suggests quieting the rational mind to create a quiet, meditative space to explore self-awareness and presence by treating it like a game. The ultimate objective is to achieve a state of relaxation and self-awareness, making it an integral part of everyday life as a form of walking meditation.

Healing meditation

Our most popular meditation on YouTube has now been digitally remastered. Spend time to ground yourself and connect with the Earth as you remove any blocks or pain along the way. Your body will begin to rest deeper allowing increased healing and rejuvenation.

Viewing Time 25 minutes