The story of the Fall of Consciousness

What if it was a made-up story?

Wait… what if there was no Fall of Consciousness? What if it was a made-up story? Or maybe a story that got lost in transition, forgotten and reinvented on the journey all the way to this very minute?

Bad angels? No … but some very surprising events occurred on the way from the Creator’s first thought to where we find ourselves today.

You see the job of Creation, as started by the Creator, was to create. So Creator took a part of itself and divided it into many pieces and called those pieces creator gods (lower case) and sent them out to create. And Wow did they ever! They created new universes, color, sound, beauty, and then “physicalness”. Up until that point everything was non-physical. Pure Light.


Physicalness was a brand new creation and it got a lot of attention. The creators gods, in their excitement, created dimensions, density, water, air, fire. They created really amazing things that had never been thought of before. On this journey however, some surprises happened, not mistakes but instead unexpected consequences. Creation is about creating and sometimes … well the cake doesn’t turn out quite the way you thought it would.

This is were we find ourselves today. We are here, adjusting, re-adjusting, remembering, learning, recreating and repositioning ourselves. Shifting from a state of off-balance to a state that’s very different and quite amazing. We are shifting to a state of balance so we can think from the Soul and be who we came here to be.

The Story of the Fall of Consciousness Part 1: The Creator

Watch Jim tell Part One of the story of the Fall of Consciousness, according to what Archangel Uriel told him. It’s about how we got here. How we got “off-track” in the first place, landing in this 3D world.

The Story of the Fall of Consciousness Part 2: Creation

In Part Two, you’ll hear him summarize the last 2,000 years, touching on the significant events through time that have brought us to this point. Consciousness is expanding and we have a front row seat! You are a part of it.

It’s an exciting time to be here on earth. 

Images are AI generated with prompts crafted by artist Jan C. McLarty, fellow Mastering Alchemy member.

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