Healing meditation

20 minute guided healing meditation

Our most popular meditation on YouTube has now been digitally remastered. Spend time to ground yourself and connect with the earth as you remove any blocks or pain along the way. Your body will begin to rest deeper allowing increased healing and rejuvenation.

During the meditation, you will be asked to sit back in your chair, take a deep breath and find the Centre of Your Head, where everything is driven from. You will also be guided to say hello to your grounding cord and allow everything that’s not you to drop off down to the center of the planet.

The meditation will then guide you through a process of connecting with the energy of the Earth and allowing it to move up through your body, clearing as it goes. You will also be guided to bring in expanded energy from the Universe and allow it to flow through your body.

This meditation is a powerful tool to help you feel more grounded, connected, and at peace. So take a moment for yourself, sit back, and allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

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