Meditation: Your masculine and feminine energy

Explore the energy of you! This special meditation brings you into a quiet, comfortable state of awareness to really FEEL masculine and feminine energy without old labels or judgements, but in balance. You have both energies within you regardless of your physical form. Feel the fluidity and the expanded supported energy in balance that will allow the story to be re-written. It’s about aligning, recreating and remembering you.

Viewing Time 16 minutes

Rose Tool: Managing your space

Navigating and managing life challenges can be a heavy or difficult affair. What if there was a way to make it easier? For those who are considered empaths or HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) large crowds or social setting are challenging. What if it wasn’t a matter of blocking or protecting yourself, but simply a definition to know what energy belongs to you, where you stop and start.

Viewing Time 31 minutes

2023-2024 Shifts in Consciousness, a conversation with Pam Gregory

Join Pam Gregory and Jim Self in an insightful discussion about global consciousness shifts in 2023 and where we are going in 2024. Hear about how spirituality plays into the fusion of technology and the astrological influences aid in our expansion. Gain insights on coming astrological events, the power of collective meditations, stepping into self-love, and nature—an immersive experience of a global energetic shift.

Viewing Time 53 minutes

Solstice – A 90 Degree Turn | Livestream

We are about to make a 90 degree turn … at the speed of light! Are you ready? The next unfolding of reality is coming into focus. Consciousness is showing itself in new presentations. The 3D game of separation, duality and linear time are giving away to stepping into the imagined realities of your creation. Would you like to know what all this means?

Viewing Time 85 minutes

How did we get here?

In this video journey, discover how you volunteered to play an extraordinary role in unraveling the cosmic game and finding your way back home, all with a smile from the Creator.

Viewing Time 5 minutes

Expanding consciousness beyond labels | Morning Conversations

Jim and Roxane discuss the limitations of labels like “spirituality” in our 3D reality. They explore how these labels confine our beliefs whereas consciousness is not limited by such labels. They emphasize expanding awareness and letting go of restrictions. The conversation hints at a future where consciousness allows instant manifestation of desires.

Viewing Time 15 minutes