Breathing into Balance

Practice in this simple breathing exercise to achieve clarity and command in any situation. Join us and breathe your way to a more centered, powerful self.

Listening Time 25 minutes

All about the Octave

There is a new level of consciousness available. It’s a shift away from the challenges and limitations we may currently find ourselves in. It’s an alignment into a new state of vibrational frequency. A state of being called the Octave.  It is smoother, allowing, enjoyable, much more comfortable and exciting.

Reading Time 65 minutes

Are you engaging from hesitation or excitement?

Are you engaging from hesitation or excitement? We hesitate all the time without recognizing it.  It’s simply a habit.  We step back into fear instead of stepping forward with excitement and possibility. It is not uncommon to watch an artist paint something that doesn’t look the way they originally intended.  They could get upset and wrap a magnetic charge around the “mistake”, layering it with all kinds of “why am I awful painter”. Do you?

Reading Time 8 minutes

Do you know where you are?

Where are you in relation to what you want? Where are you emotionally? Are you satisfied? How about mentally? Do you manage your thoughts? Discover where you stand emotionally and mentally and how these answers help you navigate towards achieving what you want.

Listening Time 58 minutes

Engaging from hesitation and the 4th, 5th, 6th Rays of Creation

Understand how time & space work and how hesitation and fear change how you create your life experiences. How do you wish to engage? It’s a question we don’t often put a lot of attention on with how we want to experience what’s in front of us.

Listening Time 62 minutes