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Where We Are Going

Metatron:  Greetings.  It is I, Metatron.  I am here as a spokesperson for the Angelic Realm and to lay some conceptual formatting down. As we do that, there will be much interaction that will take place between myself, you and the students, Uriel and Michael, in these next few classes.  We are all very anxious to expand the foundation that we have created.

The Chakra System Must Change, Part 2

Kuthumi:  Here is where we step up and into that fifth dimensional state of consciousness and begin to work with the chakras as you did in the last class. Bringing in the aspect that was laid down through Michael and Metatron around the reconfiguration of those first four chakras. Then sustain and build the formatting to hold that state of consciousness in place in the physical realm.

The Chakra System Must Change, Part 1

Kuthumi:  Greetings. I’m very excited about the opportunity to create this level of understanding about how the energetics work within the physical body, especially the chakra system. There is much information on your planet about the chakra system and the different ways of using it and viewing it.

This is a little different today, in that we are bringing in the Rays of Creation to you.  We are incorporating the creative aspect of creation within the physical form, how that form operates, how the energetics of the body operate to change states of consciousness, and what that looks like from a third, fourth or a fifth dimensional view.  

What Drives You? What Drains You?

You are here to make a contribution to the world. And this Shift of Consciousness we are in the midst of is pushing us all to identify and demonstrate that contribution.  Whether you know it or not, you already have all the information, skills, motivation and passion to do so. The trick, however, is to uncover that drive and allow that inspiration to lead you to your right-work. Discovering that work can sometimes be a major challenge in itself.  Unfortunately, most of us choose to live by default rather than do what is necessary to discover and demonstrate our purpose. That choice, though unsatisfying, is typically the path of least resistance.

Live for Two Hundred Years

Kuthumi:  May I give you another suggestion? This is in regards to this knowledge you have been building in the last few sessions about “What if you could live for two hundred years?”  This is not done from the perspective of escaping the physical body into the heavenly realms where you culminate and reach your reward.  It is about operating for long, great periods of time in the joy of the creative process, with no need to escape.  You are creating the templates of divine expressions in great Love and excitement, vibrance and joy.  So, there is no need to escape.  You just continually create until you wish to create another venue for your creation.  

Spiraling Words Through the Chakras

Kuthumi:  Greetings.  It is I, Kuthumi. I’m very excited about what we are presenting now because I think that it will not only impact the evolution of this project and these students, but this information and these techniques will allow many to escalate their shift in consciousness and provide an avenue to create alternatively. The changes that are made within their individual energetics and their thoughts and emotions will be permanent and it will happen in a very rapid, sequential order. 

Aint It Awful?

The next time you’re waiting in a line, listen to the conversations around you and notice how often people talk about how bad it is. IT could be anything: the weather, the long line, their joints, their last hair cut, their doctor, ulcers, job, wife, kids, husband. People often enjoy congregating and complaining about how awful IT is. In doing so, they perpetuate their condition. (Law of Attraction, you know.) They are repeating their thoughts over and over and over, magnetically attracting like-minded people into their vortex of pain and making their pain very real. As this pain is made more and more dominant in their thoughts and lives, eventually that’s all they experience. Pain.

Upgrading the First and Second Chakras, Part 2

Jim:  In my conversations with numbers of the students, there is a point that I made about turning the corner, in a manner of speaking, and looking at wellbeing in that first chakra as an enormous possibility and a constant state of being, versus looking backward at survival. In a way, we’re really at this very specific turning point now.  And, if that concept can be absorbed, integrated, allowed, this is going to accelerate from here very quickly.

Upgrading the First and Second Chakras, Part 1

Kuthumi: Greetings. It is I, Kuthumi. This is where we are headed … to bring the students’ awareness of their divine makeup as an unlimited being who creates with energetics, templates, patterns and formats to operate in a physical realm in an unlimited way. I am very excited about the next few weeks that we will spend on this material, bringing in all aspects not only of the way in which thought and emotions are used with the Rays of Creation, but also incorporating the first four chakras and the importance of how they function within the physical body. There are unlimited expressions, both in the non-physical and the physical realms using those first four chakras.