No Limitations

ACIMA - Blog - No LimitationsZadkiel: You see, there’s no limitation.  There is no right and there is no wrong.  When we’re working together at this level, we are working at a fifth, sixth, seventh dimensional conceptual level.  You have stepped out of third and fourth dimension where you have linear constraints and you have polarization of right and wrong that limit creation.   In the avenues where we are now operating and c

Getting Out of The Way

Zadkiel:  I think you are integrating this material very well.  Where you may have confusion is where you try to bring in concepts that lie within your rational mind or within the realm of your physical knowing.  It doesn't always correlate with the things we are talking about.  Some of them do but there are elements of that that are not resonant with each other.  So, knowing that, hold that in your awaren

How the Magnetic Field of the Earth Affects Stability

Zadkiel: This is a very interesting experiment.  It can expand your awareness in which you can drop  polarity in your thinking and begin to expand your awareness about how things evolve, how things change and what is required to hold it in stability.  This has nothing to do with good or bad, or what is desired and what is less desired.  It is held in a creative constant motion.  It is in play continually u

The Collective Moving from the Third Dimension - Part Two

Zadkiel: This understanding is difficult to come upon when you have been embodied in a culture and in a form that has very definite constructs with applications and laws that govern those constructs. So allowing the thought to come from another state must take place in order to produce the fluidity that is needed to explore the various components and possibilities of creation.

You Are The Way-Showers!

Mastering Alchemy Blog - You Are The Way-Showers!Metatron:  Greetings!  It is I, Metatron.  I have come today to represent the triad that will be working with you from this time on.  It is comprised of myself, Metatron, Michael, and Melchizadek.  We are very honored to be with you as you begin your journey into higher states of consciousness.  The blessings and gifts you have received have been given to all of you d

Axiatonal Frequencies and Your Lightbody - Part Two

Mastering Alchemy BLog - Axiatonal Frequecies and Your LightbodyMichael: These axiatonal energetics have, as I have said, many components, just as light frequencies have many components. And these components are from a very high and refined source. They are utilized by Masters and beings who reside in realms higher than what  you are aware of, higher than your dimensional realities of the twelfth dimension.