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Move the Wind with Sound

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - MoveZadkiel:  This last transmission was very important because it was the foundation upon which some of these concepts will be understood at a deeper level.  To begin to understand that you negotiate various dimensional realms and thought systems, is very important in this work.


A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - PranaZadkiel:  The breath is a very important sequential part in any transformational work at the denser levels. The breath also is very much connected to the medulla center for more than reasons of breathing and bringing oxygen into the body.  It has other components and uses that are related to the medulla center.

Carrier Waves - Part Two

Zadkiel:  You still are able to clear just using the dynamics and the frequency patterns that we have discussed over the last couple of months.  But by adding sound you add an acceleration to actually alter the configuration in a way that alters the denseness that holds the stable concept in play.  In a very accelerated way it alters the denseness.