With the help of a simple rose

Navigating and managing life challenges can be a heavy or difficult affair.  What if there was a way to make it easier?  For those who are considered empaths or HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) large crowds or social setting are challenging.  What if it wasn’t a matter of blocking or protecting yourself, but simply a definition to know what energy belongs to you, where you stop and start.

The Rose tool, introduced in the Foundation course in Mastering Alchemy, is a fundamental tool that helps you position yourself so that you can be in the world, but not be tossed around by it.

Reading Time 35 minutes

How did we get here?

In this video journey, discover how you volunteered to play an extraordinary role in unraveling the cosmic game and finding your way back home, all with a smile from the Creator.

Viewing Time 5 minutes

Expanding consciousness beyond labels | Morning Conversations

Jim and Roxane discuss the limitations of labels like “spirituality” in our 3D reality. They explore how these labels confine our beliefs whereas consciousness is not limited by such labels. They emphasize expanding awareness and letting go of restrictions. The conversation hints at a future where consciousness allows instant manifestation of desires.

Viewing Time 15 minutes

The Shift Update – This Fall Equinox | Livestream

Come join Jim Self and the Mastering Alchemy community live on the fall equinox to discover how you can re-write your story to greater wellbeing. Take advantage and become more aware of the opportunities available to us with the current energy and expansion now available. Discover how consciousness continues to shift for you and the earth. Let’s see what we can create together!

Viewing Time 85 minutes

How do you choose?

In this podcast, Jim reflects on his experiences and explores the concept of choices and decisions. He discuss the changes happening in the world and how it affects our consciousness.

Jim also shares insights on the transition from the third-dimensional game to a new game with different rules and configurations. And to question the invisible rules they’ve accepted and embrace a new way of navigating life. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of consciousness and personal growth.

Listening Time 63 minutes

What’s the Subconscious Mind?

In this episode, we delve into the depths of the subconscious mind and its profound impact on our lives. We explore how our upbringing shapes our beliefs and perceptions, leading to the constant need for validation from the external world. The rational mind, diligently trained to keep us safe and fit in, often hinders our true desires and potential.

Did I say yes?

In this episode, Brenda asks if she was part of the “Yes” decision due to being born after 1987.

In 1987, a question was asked. Can we turn this planet into what it was originally intended to be? Can we return to a consciousness where everybody can experience themselves in love, beauty, and well-being, free from the mutations and distortions? Five previous times, the answer was no. But in 1987 it didn’t take 51% of the population, it only took a powerful handful to say “Yes!”

Brenda’s question reveals the significance of Millennials – shaping a powerful transition.

How do I quiet the rational mind to meditate?

Rodney says “It’s really hard to quiet the mind when it comes time in my daily life to meditate and find happy. What advice you have for a new student in the lessons?”

Jim suggests quieting the rational mind to create a quiet, meditative space to explore self-awareness and presence by treating it like a game. The ultimate objective is to achieve a state of relaxation and self-awareness, making it an integral part of everyday life as a form of walking meditation.

Exploring the Shift with Jim Self and Steve Rother

Join Jim Self and Steve Rother as they discuss the many changes happening on Earth. From the portal’s opening to the power of love, wisdom, and awareness, they unravel the profound shifts in humanity. The division and pendulum swings in society and the need to find balance, calmness, and present awareness amidst the chaos as well as the importance of self-care and receiving are discussed. Discover how to find balance amidst the chaos and embrace what is unfolding.

Viewing Time 53 minutes