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Survival and Fear of Dying, Part 2

Kuthumi: The other part that I wish to bring to your attention is family lineage patterns. You have worked on removing fear and negative thought patterns that were taught by the family of origin.  That work was very valid and opened opportunities and pathways that were much needed at that time. The work that we will be doing in regards to survival can also be applied to those genetic lineage patterns. As you create new thought systems and new belief systems, the other just falls away because you see very clearly, through the presence of the Holy Spirit. Those others no longer apply.

Survival and Fear of Dying, Part 1

Greetings.  It is I, Kuthumi. Now it is time to bring some of these energetics into the physical realm.  I wish today to begin a discussion with you in regards to the mental and emotional bodies and also the first three chakras.  All of the information that has been given through the Angelic Realm in recent weeks is very appropriate in these times of change.  And there is a sequential order to these things, as you realize.  It is time now to begin to do some bridge work within the physical realm, bringing states of consciousness into that realm in a very real way through the mental and emotional bodies. This topic and lesson will span several of your weeks and your classes.

To Be, or Not to Be... Responsible! Pt.2

After identifying all the have-tos in your day, you will discover there are some have-tos on your list that are indeed yours. Cooking meals for your five-year-old may be your responsibility. Driving your teenager to soccer may be your have-to. As you self-reflect on your daily actions, notice if you find yourself justifying why it’s important to take on responsibilities that might be better placed with others. Notice if your rational mind is coming up with some very good reasons why it’s vital for you to be your partner’s personal Siri. Healers and Fixers often come up with really good reasons why they must keep doing what they’re doing instead of allowing others to step up to their own mastery.

To Be, or Not to Be... Responsible! Pt.1

During a conference recently, I asked the question: “When I say the word responsibility what energy or feeling comes up?” The response ranged from raised eyebrows to grunts to an explanation of all the have-tos of parenthood/work/relationship. We all have “have-tos” in our lives, and if this Shift continues to unfold as it appears to be, there will be even more on our lists.  Let’s face it, have-tos don’t always feel good. They can cause overwhelm and stress and general crabbiness. When one more thing is added to your list, do you cringe and feel a rush of energy (i.e., panic or dread)? When you hear the word “responsibility” how does it feel? What is your internal guidance system saying?