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To Be, or Not to Be... Responsible! Pt.1

During a conference recently, I asked the question: “When I say the word responsibility what energy or feeling comes up?” The response ranged from raised eyebrows to grunts to an explanation of all the have-tos of parenthood/work/relationship. We all have “have-tos” in our lives, and if this Shift continues to unfold as it appears to be, there will be even more on our lists.  Let’s face it, have-tos don’t always feel good. They can cause overwhelm and stress and general crabbiness. When one more thing is added to your list, do you cringe and feel a rush of energy (i.e., panic or dread)? When you hear the word “responsibility” how does it feel? What is your internal guidance system saying?

Archangel Michael and Light Formats, Pt. 1

Michael: I am very pleased to be here today. I have with me in this space, Metatron and Melchizedek and I am the spokesperson at this time for this particular session. We would like to talk about two things in this coming class: first of all – self awareness. Metatron mentioned this in a previous conversation … the value of self awareness in this process. Some are using, very efficiently, the tools and are growing their conscious awareness; although, they are not recognizing, yet, how this evolution is taking place. They really can’t see, touch, or feel that there has been a great change.

Looking Backwards

Jim:  Michael, One of the obstacles that I watch many students involved in is, they look backwards. As this density is lessened, there’s more room for the Soul to integrate into the form.  As that occurs, the individual in the physical begins to merge more broadly with the Soul … begins to know what the Soul knows. And I’m noticing there is an attention point in what’s behind. They don’t look forward.

London Calling: Am I trying too hard?

Question: Terri here from London. I’ve been practicing being in the Center of My Head and continue to have pressure/pain in my head when I'm there.  I realize that I'm "efforting", but can't seem to relax.  Even when I think I'm relaxed, I continue to feel pressure in my head. A congestion.  A part of me thinks that if I don't feel that familiar pressure, then I'm not in the right place.  Any suggestions would be most welcome, and it HAS improved since I started Level 2. Thanks.