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How Do You Stay Sane During the Holidays? Part 1

Welcome to the holiday season! The most joyous and peaceful time of year. Right?? This is the time of year to celebrate life, spend quality time with loved ones. So why do we get so stressed out?  The increased work responsibilities, deadlines, crowded traffic, stores and parking lots, huge lines and lots of other pressures we place on ourselves adds to the already existing stress we carry around.

The First Three Rays of Creation

Metatron:  Let us begin with the first chakra. You have done very well in presenting alternatives in the mental and the emotional body’s reality through the first chakra.The first chakra is very much responsible for the physical body’s experience in this realm.  You have been very successful in perking the students’ imagination to create outside of survival and outside of family lineage programming, using Higher Consciousness as their guide. What we wish to begin to interject here is first and foremost, the student’s awareness of the first three Rays as they are applicable within that first chakra.

Where We Are Going

Metatron:  Greetings.  It is I, Metatron.  I am here as a spokesperson for the Angelic Realm and to lay some conceptual formatting down. As we do that, there will be much interaction that will take place between myself, you and the students, Uriel and Michael, in these next few classes.  We are all very anxious to expand the foundation that we have created.

The Chakra System Must Change, Part 2

Kuthumi:  Here is where we step up and into that fifth dimensional state of consciousness and begin to work with the chakras as you did in the last class. Bringing in the aspect that was laid down through Michael and Metatron around the reconfiguration of those first four chakras. Then sustain and build the formatting to hold that state of consciousness in place in the physical realm.