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Merging Your Soul with Spirit, Part Three

Uriel: When more souls begin to reawaken to levels that are compatible in consciousness, that compatibility begins to resonate in the entire system of the physical realm. Then more changes happen very quickly that will substantiate and hold that compatibility more firmly in place.  You won’t have the various states playing out.  It becomes more unified in its expression. Until that can take place, it is important that you understand what is playing out and what is happening within your own physical body, the mental/emotional bodies and with yourself at a Soul level. It is important that you continue to build the Light frequencies that hold that state of consciousness more firmly in play.  

Merging Your Soul with Spirit, Part Two

Jim:  In simple terms there are two actions going on at this moment and within these classes.  The consciousness that I’m speaking from is merging with the Soul and that merging is becoming much more conscious to me. Simultaneously, there’s an interaction between the Soul and Spirit happening outside of my conscious awareness.  Both actions are happening in such a way that, in a future moment we will become one full unit. Is this what I’m hearing you say?

Merging Your Soul with Spirit, Part One

Uriel:  Greetings.  It is I, Uriel!  As I have mentioned the last we met, these are very auspicious times that you are creating for yourself and for your students.  Many things have occurred in the last 90 days.  Many doors have been opened in your conscious awareness  and in your ability to create, maintain and use the Living Light of Source of which you are a part.

Particles and Waves, Part 2

Uriel: Here again, you can not engage your rational mind. It is very easy to flow back and forth between the physical experience and the non-physical experience of those radiational fields, whether they are simplistic, in just patterns of particles, or they are more extensive and come in forms of waves. Where we are going is opening the consciousness to begin to step out of the linear formats of the mental and emotional bodies to allow both to exist simultaneously in the experience. And not have to formulate them or put them in specific boxes. It flows simultaneously and is accessed simultaneously through the physical experience and expression and the non-physical expression and experience.

Particles and Waves, Part 1

Uriel: What we are talking about here are energetic components, color radiations and particles, as well as patterns of particles, that are used together and separately. They can be merged within that electromagnetic field and merged together to create a more expansive, larger expression through a wave of color or a wave of vibrations. In that wave, there is a radiational component that continues to alter the electromagnetics in the field.