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You Have Set a Template in Place

Great Beings of Light, it is I, Metatron! I have come to let you know that you have set a template and put it in place very firmly. You have changed the direction of what is occurring at this time. You have gathered, and you have agreed, and you have created.  This template solidly anchors into all physical realms the possibility of a new Earth. It anchors the possibility of a new physical realm that is in the fifth dimension in a very real way.  You have facilitated the possibility of the sixth and seventh to follow very swiftly upon the heels of the anchoring of the fifth dimension. It is you who have created the energetic template for this to occur.

The Interior of Creation

Greetings it is I Zadkiel: Things are progressing very nicely. You understand that you are in a much different space and time than when we last met. The energetics that are being given to you at this time are very expansive and will continue to be given to assist you in integrating not only the information but the energetic envelopes, packages and configurations that go along with the concepts of the Rays of Creation. As we are able to step into higher frequency ranges, and more concepts are given, it is even more important that this expansiveness be maintained.

Move the Wind with Sound

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - MoveZadkiel:  This last transmission was very important because it was the foundation upon which some of these concepts will be understood at a deeper level.  To begin to understand that you negotiate various dimensional realms and thought systems, is very important in this work. The sound frequencies and the vibratory levels, that we are now speaking of, reside in higher dimensional realities.

Sounds You Hear and Don't Hear - Part Two

ACIMA - Blog - Sounds You Hear and Don't Hear - Part TwoZadkiel: Let us return to the range from C to C that you actually hear in the physical realm. These are very distinct vibrations that are measured. They can be measured in your reality and they are termed “Hertz” measurements.  These vibrations can be altered to create sounds that actually create an environment for an experience to occur within.  These vibrations in the physical realm allow and assist in creating experiences.  Whether you term them positive or negative, these vibrations enhance and, in some instances, magnify the experience.

The Interface Between Orderliness and Spontaneity

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - The Interface Between Orderliness and SpointanietJim:  Zadkiel, where is the interface between orderliness and spontaneity? That spark of creation when all of a sudden two things come into your awareness and you know “Aha, yes I can.”  That creative moment?  How does orderliness and spontaneity interface in such a way that there are no random, accidental pieces added into the creation that would interfere?


A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - PranaZadkiel:  The breath is a very important sequential part in any transformational work at the denser levels. The breath also is very much connected to the medulla center for more than reasons of breathing and bringing oxygen into the body.  It has other components and uses that are related to the medulla center.

There is Ease Within the Motion

A Course in Mastering Alchemy - Blog - There is Ease Within the MotionJim: Zadkiel, I’m finding this part of our project together very interesting.  Every time I ask a question I get an answer!  And I’m watching this sometimes occur within groups of students. On one hand, it is very simple to just ask the question and then wait for the answer; on the other hand, it’s not consciously anchored in third dimensional reality to ask the question and actually wait for the answer.

Filling the Void with Your Creation

Zadkiel:  When you dismantle a program, or a pattern, you have to create another pattern to fill that space – to replace it. Otherwise, you lose the symmetry that was already in play. And it leaves openings for other patterns that might be undesirable, or might be in opposition to what you are desiring to create.  If you dismantle a pattern, you leave a void that must be filled.  You have already created that format just in your experimentation!  What I am doing today is just drawing your attention to how it all fits.