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Who are the Teachers of Light? Part 2

Excerpt from the interactive book, A Course in Mastering Alchemy - The Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend.

As you meet each of these kind Elders, I encourage you to approach them as new friends who have entered your life to participate in a new adventure with you. They are no better then you. They are simply walking a step or two ahead of you on this path, like an older sibling or grandparent. They have stepped through a doorway and are holding the door open for you to enter the realm of possibilities. 

Who are the Teachers of Light? Part 1

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend

There exists a sacred place known as the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond, a place where you can connect with Creator (the source of all creation) and All That Is (all the creations of Creator). Within the Sanctuary there is a table where you can meet, create and communicate with the Teachers of Light. This table is your table, in your Sanctuary. It is a place of great reverence. The only thing that prevents you from sitting at this table is your attention held upon the noise, fear and doubts of the third-dimension reality outside of you.

Orderly vs. Chaotic Creating

Metatron: For this next class, I am desiring for the students to have more usability of those first three Rays, as well as the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays, at a much different level than they have had before. These awarenesses and these concepts need to be laid down as we begin to work with these accelerated energetic patterns and templates, so there is a deeper understanding that these Color Codings and these color radiations are not necessarily what they are normally accustomed to. They are not what they see with the human eye. They are much more than that and take in a much broader perspective energetically, as well as esoterically, to raise the consciousness.

The Eye of Horus-What You May Notice

Metatron: Many things have occurred since last we spoke. There has been an extreme upgrade within the physical template of your body and those of your students. You will have many variations in the way this is experienced. At the beginning, there is a great ‘high’ that is gained from the energetics and the Light frequencies that were received in the last class. As those become more integrated, there are many experiential results. The Living Light is of a much different vibration. It has a different template than has ever been experienced in the physical form in the times in which you live.

The Eye of Horus-Disintegration

Uriel:  With the Eye of Horus template in play there is an unlimitedness and a knowing of the infinitive expression of the Divine. This is a very helpful template that is now being given to these students. After the initiation and as we then begin to work more earnestly with the first, second, third and fourth chakras, we begin to create the formatting to hold those chakras in the full expression of that infinite blueprint of the Living Light as it is expressed in a physical realm; in a physical body. Can you see how this progression has occurred over the last months.

The Eye of Horus - Limitlessness

Jim:  I think I understand. The Eye of Horus is a template that is going to enhance the ability to expand that awareness, both visually and with a knowingness. It’s a template that interacts with many aspects of the physical and emotional.  What I’m not clear on is, as that’s installed, what would be some of the applications that would be enhanced with that knowledge and awareness?

The Eye of Horus-The Energetic Template

Uriel:  Greetings.  It is I, Uriel. Things are escalating in a very profound way, through exploration that the students have embarked on in regards to their energetic system.  Using the first four chakras in a greater, more resonant way with their Divine Essence is a big step that they have taken towards their ascension process.  

As we have discussed with them, now is not so much about clearing, although those things that are out of alignment will be cleared in a more rapid way because of their ability to use various energetic components to achieve higher consciousness, as well as a reconfiguration of the physical body itself.