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Using Sound in Your Creations

Zadkiel: Let us return to the musical range from C to C that you actually hear in the physical realm. These are very distinct vibrations that are measured. They can be measured in your reality and they are termed “Hertz” measurements. These vibrations can be altered to create sounds that actually create an environment for an experience to occur within. These vibrations in the physical realm allow and assist in creating experiences. Whether you term them positive or negative, these vibrations enhance and, in some instances, magnify the experience.

Sound That Is Not Sound

Zadkiel: Let us begin today in a very simplistic way with some of the dynamics that you already have familiarity with and awareness of. That is; sound as you hear it with the physical ear. When you hear a note played with your physical ear, you experience it in the physical body as a vibration. The experience of that vibration, in form, is not the same as at the origination, however. This is very complex and may be somewhat difficult to absorb at this moment. This is a complexity that must be covered now so that a bigger understanding can come into play as we move more fully into the ninth Ray of Creation.

Orderliness and Spontaneity

Jim: Zadkiel, where is the interface between orderliness and spontaneity? That spark of creation when all of a sudden two things come into your awareness and you know “Aha, yes I can.” That creative moment? How does orderliness and spontaneity interface in such a way that there are no random, accidental pieces added into the creation that would interfere?

Filling the Void

Zadkiel: When you dismantle programming, or a pattern, you have to create another pattern to fill that space – to replace it. Otherwise, you lose the symmetry that was already in play. It leaves openings for other patterns that might be undesirable, or might be in opposition to what you are desiring to create. If you dismantle a pattern, you leave a void that must be filled.

You already have an understanding of the creative side. Now it is important to have an understanding of using similar types of energetics, and replacing or filling the void with an intentional and conscious creation – not leaving it to chance or to unconscious creations.

Waiting for the Answer

Jim:  Zadkiel, I’m finding this part of our project together very interesting. Every time I ask a question I get an answer. And I’m watching this occur within groups of students too. On one hand, it’s very simple to just ask the question and then wait for the answer. On the other hand, it’s not consciously anchored in third dimensional reality to ask the question and actually wait for the answer.

Dismantling the Density

Zadkiel: Greetings it is I Zadkiel. We’ve talked previously about sound and how these sounds also contain light, color, and geometrical configurations. I want to add a little of that into the mix today. If you are working in the dismantling process, adding certain tones and sounds is very helpful. As you add those tones with intention, it enhances the vibration of what you are creating. Especially in areas where you are dismantling very stable, dense patterns. You can, through sound, raise or accelerate the vibration of that force field to such a degree that it expands and allows more to be added or to be released from that field in a very quick way.

Strings of Thought

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend Uriel: Greetings. It is I, Uriel. I am very honoured that you have been persistent in the unfoldment of this material. It was necessary for all of these components energetically to come into play. And you are seeing this very clearly at this time. I would like to make a comment to you at this time in regards to your theory on Strings of Thought.

Jim: Please.

Fitting Beauty into a Box

Jim:  As I sit here and have this dialogue with you, I’m looking out my window at mountains and sky and clouds. There is no hesitation in my space that, that’s me I’m looking at.  Here I can sit and see crystal kingdoms with great beings of light right there in the clouds.  Would the next experience be to do something with it? To share it with others or …?

Knowing Beauty

Zadkiel: Many changes are occurring within you on a physical level.  There will be a distinct difference and you will be shown this. This is between a feeling/emotion and a knowing that stems from information that comes through the Living Lightbody.  There are components within the physical body that must be made to accommodate a fuller integration of the Lightbody into form.  It is a change from the carbon base form into another form that you perceive as crystalline in nature.  

Creating Positive Patterns

Metatron:  It is now time to focus upon creating from the perspective of positive emotional responses, rather than the elimination of negative components we have been working with previously.  Both areas will be addressed because it is still necessary to work with some of these negative components that hold patterns within the magnetic field. It is equally important to begin to create more positively from this level of creation, because this also will begin to create the experiential field within Earth’s atmosphere and begin to benefit the Collective in a way that you had not considered previously.