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You Are Clairvoyant, Part 1

Excerpt from the book: What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?  Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly with your inner eye. Many people regard clairvoyance with some ambivalence: either they dismiss it as a clever “parlor trick,” developed from an ability to read subtle body language and facial expressions, or they view it with a measure of awe, as some “magical gift” that’s only attainable if you happen to be the seventh son of a seventh son, for example.

Teaching 2,000 Years Ago

Jeshua: As students continue to work with this material, the way they view me as a teacher will change. The time that many know of me as Jesus or Jeshua, I was that teacher. But in those times there was great limitation as to how I could present the material that I have been presenting to you. The limitations were in place in the consciousness and within the dynamic of the third dimensional matrix then.

You Are More Than a Healer

Jeshua: Greetings. It is I, Jeshua. As you well know, many things have changed since last I embodied upon this Earth of yours. The electro-magnetics of the Earth itself are changed and altered. The solar flares have played greatly into this. The magnetics of the Earth and the way the Earth rotates has changed. The way of the orbit is beginning to change in a way which brings it into closer proximity to many other factions within your solar system and within the galaxy itself. Many changes are occurring. Many of these changes are dynamic and begin to open up avenues for the consciousness to be expanded and the way in which the body is able to function.

Bringing About Peace, Harmony and Unity

Jeshua: Greetings. It is I, Jeshua. You on this Earth plane are at a juncture that is about to bring great change in the consciousness and in the way in which life operates on your planet. It replicates the situation that occurred on your planet in previous times when humanity was not able to hold a state of consciousness and a state of knowing to create different outcomes.

This time is completely different because you have those embodied who are empowered to create change significantly. You have access to many of those beings who can collectively make a difference in an outcome that has been prophesied for a long time.

Zapping the Toaster

Excerpt from the book: Spirit Matters: Down-to-Earth Tools for a Spirited Life Years ago I shared a very small office with my assistant, Dave. Dave would very often begin his day in a foul mood and by 11 a.m. he was cussing and demonstrating his frustration. Dave also claimed to have “irritable bowel syndrome.” (Probably just a coincidence.) During his mornings of imbalance and emotion, his computer also seemed to malfunction, which would only add to Dave’s frustration. The relationship between man and machine would escalate and intensify until the machine eventually won out and would completely crash.

The Christed Matrix

Gabriel: Greetings. It is I, Gabriel. I have come to be with you during these very auspicious times in which you are bringing forth onto the physical planet and your physical body, the Christed** Matrix that has been absent for eons on your planet. This wonderful planet of yours was created in great love by many, using this Christed Matrix. The Earth is a Christed planet. Because you are part of that Earth, embodied in a physical body, you are a Christed being. You may have however forgotten this.

22 Ways to Stay Sane During the Holidays

Welcome to the holiday season! The most joyous and peaceful time of year... Right?  I heard this recently and just had to share this with you:   “Geez - here it is December already. What happened to September, October and November? How can I stay sane and hold my usual tone of happiness and calm when I now have ten times the number of things to get done? I mean, life is busy enough already. Now, on top of everything else, I have to shop for food, cook it, entertain lots of people and clean up after them. Not to mention I gotta decorate the house, buy and wrap the perfect gifts, send cards and do my volunteer work at the homeless shelter. Heck, the only place that isn’t packed this time of year is the gym!