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Looking Backward

Jim:  Michael, One of the obstacles that I watch many students involved in is, they look backward. As this density is lessened, there’s more room for the Soul to integrate into the form.  As that occurs, the individual in the physical begins to merge more broadly with the Soul … begins to know what the Soul knows. And I’m noticing there is an attention point in what’s behind. They don’t look forward.

It’s Only a Growth Period

Excerpt from the book: Spirit Matters: Down-to-Earth Tools for a Spirited Life . You are moving toward and preparing for ascension. This isn’t as mysterious as it may sound. Ascension doesn’t have to mean leaving this planet and hanging out with Isis or Saint Germain. Ascension is an everyday occurrence. Ascension is when we leave one mode of being and rise into another higher, faster, lighter one. It is when we make changes in our perspective, our preferences and our way of moving through life. At these times we are we are moving from the third dimension toward the fifth. The fifth dimension is a place where what you think very quickly manifests.

You Have Set a Template in Place

Great Beings of Light, it is I, Metatron. I have come to let you know that you have set a template and put it in place very firmly. You have changed the direction of what is occurring at this time. You have gathered, and you have agreed, and you have created.  This template solidly anchors into all physical realms the possibility of a new Earth. It anchors the possibility of a new physical realm that is in the fifth dimension in a very real way.  You have facilitated the possibility of the sixth and seventh to follow very swiftly upon the heels of the anchoring of the fifth dimension. It is you who have created the energetic template for this to occur.

Who Are the Teachers of Light, Part 2

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend Below are my experiences and understandings of a few of the Teachers of Light who have participated in this project called Mastering Alchemy. The descriptions are meant to be simple introductions; the Teachers are much more than this. Your relationship with the Teachers will be uniquely yours and will continue to grow and evolve as you do.

Using Sound in Your Creations

Zadkiel: Let us return to the musical range from C to C that you actually hear in the physical realm. These are very distinct vibrations that are measured. They can be measured in your reality and they are termed “Hertz” measurements. These vibrations can be altered to create sounds that actually create an environment for an experience to occur within. These vibrations in the physical realm allow and assist in creating experiences. Whether you term them positive or negative, these vibrations enhance and, in some instances, magnify the experience.

Sound That Is Not Sound

Zadkiel: Let us begin today in a very simplistic way with some of the dynamics that you already have familiarity with and awareness of. That is; sound as you hear it with the physical ear. When you hear a note played with your physical ear, you experience it in the physical body as a vibration. The experience of that vibration, in form, is not the same as at the origination, however. This is very complex and may be somewhat difficult to absorb at this moment. This is a complexity that must be covered now so that a bigger understanding can come into play as we move more fully into the ninth Ray of Creation.

Orderliness and Spontaneity

Jim: Zadkiel, where is the interface between orderliness and spontaneity? That spark of creation when all of a sudden two things come into your awareness and you know “Aha, yes I can.” That creative moment? How does orderliness and spontaneity interface in such a way that there are no random, accidental pieces added into the creation that would interfere?