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Your Etheric Body

Kuthumi: I want to add another piece to this teaching.  In previous discussions, we have talked about the chakra systems and how those chakra systems relate to the various bodies. We have talked about the etheric body as being the non-physical expression of the physical body.  It is the complete, exact twin or double of this physical body.  It also has a chakra system but it operates at a much different vibratory level than the physicality. You see, the etheric body does not have the limitations that the physical body does.  Where the limitation comes in, is in the neurological and the electrical and the emotional components in the body.

Ascension Symptoms

As we move through this Shift of Consciousness, changes are happening within our bodies. We are altering how we see the world around us, and increasing our body's ability to hold Light. As we alter the electromagnetic frequencies in our physical and emotional bodies, many of us are beginning to think differently about ourselves. Depending on how we hold resistance in our body, and where we argue for our limitations, we will experience physical and emotional symptoms from time to time.

Your Higher Self and Your Soul

In almost every monthly free webinar we offer, someone will ask the question: What's the difference between my Higher Self and my Soul?

It's a really a great question that all of us have asked in one way or another. In our spiritual journey we each are exposed to many terms; some easily understood, others confusing, and still others that are seemingly contradictory. I hope this little article will help clarify things for you. Of course, this is my observation and opinion. Please don't believe me. See if what you read resonates with you. You are the only one that matters here.

Are You Losing Your Friends?

Dear Jim and Roxane,

I am in Level 1 and love it and everything that I am learning with you. I have been applying your tools and information in my daily life, and I need some help with something. I have two Christian sisters who don’t understand who I am. I love them dearly and respect their paths. I’ve never spoken to them about my spiritual direction and beliefs. I mind my own business and don’t want to challenge them.

Do You Shoot, Ready, Aim?

Have you ever sent an email and the moment you clicked on Send; you realized it wasn't really what you meant to say and you may have just created a mess? Welcome to the world of Shoot, Ready, Aim. It shows up in all areas of life, relationship, business, health... everywhere. It is an awkward way to live your life and you can choose otherwise...

How did that happen (again)? 

Geometry of Wellbeing

Uriel: A quandary now is how to present to you some geometric progressions that are open-ended and allow unlimited potential in a way they can be experienced. We will start with the triangle, which is something that we have used throughout this experiment because it is a very simple yet powerful configuration and energetic. We will build the icosahedron from that.  That geometry will allow you a much broader, wider range of energetic formats and make them more usable within form.

Another Mind

Jim: Uriel, let me ask a question please. I have often referred to the phrase ‘Fields of Awareness’ as an aspect of consciousness in the higher dimensions. There is a knowing and comprehension there that bypasses the third-dimensional rational mind. In this body of work we’re presenting together, would I be correct to assume that there is a template that holds both knowledge and comprehension? It’s not as much a learning process as it is an absorption process? You experience the knowing and comprehending as you begin to step into this Field of Awareness?

What is the Godhead?

Greetings. It is I, Uriel. I am very pleased to be here with you to facilitate the next few classes. Many of the Archangels are with me to participate in this experiment. As I dialogue with you in the next several classes, it will be a collective event with many of the Archangels holding specific energetic patternings that will be conducive to the integration of the concepts, the energy, and the initiations. Before we begin, I would like to offer a space here for you to make any comments or ask questions.

Polarity, Contrast and Sound

Michael: There is another place that we are desiring for the students to have some awareness of. There is a piece that has to be worked with here to move out of the third and fourth dimensions and be more seated in fifth. That is the concept of polarity: good/bad; high/low etc. We are desiring for you to have a much different, broader perspective of the way things work in Creation. And to do that you have to step out of that very installed format of polarity.