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Soul and Spirit

Jim:  In simple terms there are two actions going on within these classes.  The consciousness that I’m speaking from is merging with the Soul and that merging is becoming much more conscious to me. Simultaneously, there’s an interaction between the Soul and Spirit happening outside of my conscious awareness.  Both actions are happening in such a way that, in a future moment we will become one full unit. Is this what I’m hearing you say?

Merging with Creator’s Essence

Greetings.  It is I, Uriel!  As I have mentioned the last we met as a collective, these are very auspicious times that you are creating for yourself and for your students.  Many things have occurred.  Many doors have been opened in your conscious awareness and in your ability to create, maintain and use the Living Light of Source of which you are a part.

Waves and Particles, Part Two

Uriel Here again, you can not engage your rational mind. It is very easy to flow back and forth between the physical experience and the non-physical experience of those radiational fields. They can be simplistic, as in patterns of particles. Or they can be more extensive and come in forms of waves. Where we are going is opening the consciousness to step out of the linear formats of the mental and emotional bodies. This will allow both to exist simultaneously without having to formulate them or put them in specific boxes. It flows simultaneously and is accessed simultaneously through the physical experience and the non-physical.

Waves and Particles, Part One

Uriel: What we are talking about here are energetic components, color radiations and particles, as well as patterns of particles, that are used together and separately. They can be merged together to create a more expansive, larger expression as a wave of color or a wave of vibrations. In that wave, there is a radiational component that continues to alter the electromagnetics in the field.

An Orderliness

Jim: In this last class, we expanded the radiation level. We raised the energy in the first, second, and third chakras into the fourth. We took it back down into the first, added color and radiation and then brought it back up into the fourth chakra again. That created a harmonic resonance that could be held much more comfortably. This created a state that was more anchored. Is that what you noticed too?

It Begins With You

Greetings. It is I, Uriel. Since we installed the energetics of the Eye of Horus, a great change in the electromagnetic field of many of the students and you has come about. We are very pleased at the acceptance of these energetics and the willingness to begin to work with these energetics in this experiment.

The Disintegration

Uriel:  With the Eye of Horus in place there is an unlimitedness and a knowing of the infinitive expression of the Divine. This is a very helpful template that is now being given to these students. Can you see how this progression has occurred over the last months.

Jim:  Oh, yes.  What’s fascinating to me is watching the disintegration of these more rigid states of consciousness. The concept that this work is an experiment is now fitting into a larger piece. I can enjoy it from a different vantage point than I had enjoyed it previously.  This is exciting.

The Eye of Horus - Unlimitedness

Jim:  Uriel, I think I understand.  The Eye of Horus is a template that will enhance the ability to expand awareness, both visually and in knowingness. It’s a template that interacts with many aspects of the physical and emotional.  What I’m not clear on is, what are some of the applications that would be enhanced with this knowledge and awareness?

The Eye of Horus

Greetings.  It is I, Uriel. Things are escalating in a very profound way, through exploration that the students have embarked on in regards to their energetic system.  Using the first four chakras in a greater, more resonant way with their Divine Essence is a big step that they have taken towards their ascension process.