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Watch Jim Self on Gaia

Jim Self, creator of a Course in Mastering Alchemy, has his finger on the pulse of our ever-changing planetary and societal conditions. In conversation with Gaia's George Noory, he explains that our world is undergoing dramatic shifts and we must be willing to adapt to those changes and ascend into higher states of being.

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A Different Type of Kundalini, Part One

Kuthumi: Greetings. It is I, Kuthumi. Many possibilities are on the horizon that you will see become manifest within the next year. It is very exciting for we Masters and of course to the Archangelic Realm, to be participating with you and to be engaging students to change the functioning of their physical energetics. We will expand the consciousness and make more viable that merged mental, emotional and physical body.

Creating Self Worth

Jim: Kuthumi, what I’m watching is that a sense of self-worth is really a key element of this recent work around the Heart chakra and the physical heart. The lower three chakras, as we’re playing with them now (bringing in the increased energy from the Earth Star) allow for more fluidity and comfort within self-worth. Then as self-worth is accepted, that triggers those lower three chakras to do what they’re capable of doing. Self-worth is enhanced by those chakras and those chakras enhance that sense of self-worth. It’s a cycle that’s spiraling upward.

The Power of Your Heart, Part Two

Kuthumi: Accessing the powers of the Heart chakra along with the physical heart is not just placing your attention on your Heart or desiring to open your Heart more. It is about learning all of the variables and all of the purposes and energetic sequences that lie within that entire center both physically and non-physically.

The energetics of the chakra system are the energetic substance of your non-physical reality. They also are part of your physicality and affect the way you operate in the physical realm such as how health and vitality of the body are sustained and achieved. The chakra system is much more than what many have any realization about.

Jim: Sure. Yes.

The Power of Your Heart, Part One

Kuthumi: Greetings. One of the things that I want to talk about in this session is the arrangement of the chakra system and how, at the Fall of Consciousness and in third dimension, the chakra system was divided between the upper chakras and the lower chakras. I would also like to discuss how we can begin to merge that system more efficiently and the part the Heart chakra plays in that.  The Heart can help you to create the bridgework between that divided chakra system. It also is very important in creating a view of the Soul outside of third dimension. That third dimension has a limited perspective of self such as templates of unworthiness, separation and polarized views of yourself as a creative being.

Re-balance Your Divine Creative Energy, Part 2

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend . As this unification takes place, your unreleased baggage and limiting beliefs that have not been addressed will surface. That programing must be cleared out of your energetic system in order for you to accept and embrace yourself as that unified Divine being. This is a crucial point. For so long how you viewed yourself was responsible for a great portion of the fragmentation and pain that was present in your mental and emotional bodies, therefore manifesting in your physical body.

Re-balance Your Divine Creative Energy, Part 1

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend . Due to the planetary Shift of Consciousness that is occurring within the planet and within each of us, we are now reaching a point in human evolution where the present masculine patriarchal phase is about to end. Instead of continuing as we have in the third dimension with alternating masculine and feminine cycles, we are moving into a new cycle of consciousness. This is one in which masculine and feminine become one balanced Unified Field of consciousness.

Your Divine Creative Energy

Excerpt from the interactive book “A Course in Mastering Alchemy”.  The aspects of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are misunderstood and out of balance on the planet. Separation, third-dimensional beliefs and conditional programming have split humans according to gender and the divine aspect of each of us has been lost. For aeons there has been the duality; male and female, masculine and feminine. Such differences only exist in a third-dimensional reality. Separation, in all of it various forms, does not exist in the higher dimensions.

Experience Your Unified Field, Part Two

Kuthumi: This little exercise is key in the merging of the Unified Field. I would wish for the students to play with this and experience it before we go into some of the complexities about drawing the energies out of the second Ray. That is where these radiations of color come in that you are seeing. You are seeing the fractals of Light that had no composition yet were very organized.

This is where the Unified Field is so valuable. It can provide the structure without hindering the unlimitedness of the creative possibility. It is through that structure that those energies then are compressed and brought into a denser form to be manifested. What are you now experiencing with this exercise?