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Knowing Beauty

man sitting looking at a peaceful calm body of water surrounded by trees Zadkiel: Many changes are occurring within you on a physical level. There are components within the physical body that must be made to accommodate a fuller integration of the Lightbody into form.  It is a change from the carbon base form into another form that you perceive as crystalline in nature.  

This is occurring as your consciousness shifts and you begin to release attachment to the physical world. It will not happen overnight but you are seeing changes now.  It all began as you agreed to activate those components of the Living Lightbody attached to higher dimensional realms and to Universal Mind.

11 Tricks for an Easier Transition

carnation in bloom transition The primary objective of any transition (whether it’s a deliberate transition or one that steps into your life) is to accomplish your goal with as little stress and emotional, mental or physical upheaval as possible. The secondary objective is to leverage it in order to become a better, more whole, mature and masterful person. Career change? Re-entering the job market? Recovering from a loss? Moving your office or home?

You Have Set a Template in Place

cookie dough with images cut out Great Beings of Light, it is I, Metatron. I have come to let you know that you have set a template and put it in place very firmly. You have changed the direction of what is occurring at this time. You have gathered, and you have agreed, and you have created.  This template solidly anchors into all physical realms the possibility of a new Earth. It anchors the possibility of a new physical realm that is in the fifth dimension in a very real way.  You have facilitated the possibility of the sixth and seventh to follow very swiftly upon the heels of the anchoring of the fifth dimension. It is you who have created the energetic template for this to occur.

Orderliness and Spontaneity

Very tall high rise with a blue sky Jim: Zadkiel, where is the interface between orderliness and spontaneity? That spark of creation when all of a sudden two things come into your awareness and you know “Aha, yes I can.” That creative moment? How does orderliness and spontaneity interface in such a way that there are no random, accidental pieces added into the creation that would interfere?


Filling the Void

Person standing in an opening in a rock within a cave Zadkiel: When you dismantle programming or a pattern, you have to create another pattern to fill that space – to replace it. Otherwise, you lose the symmetry that was already in play. It leaves openings for other patterns that might be undesirable or might be in opposition to what you are desiring to create. If you dismantle a pattern, you leave a void that must be filled.


Inter-Dimensional Aspects of You

Person standing in an open door with golden light up ahead Greetings it is I Michael. Many of us have gathered to be with you this weekend. We are here, in force, to show you a pathway into a state of consciousness that allows you to see an unlimited portion of yourself. This is about You. It is not about Earth per say. You make the difference and it is very very important at this time for you to embrace the energetics, and become who you are. Not in a dream state, but in the waking, moving around interactive state.

We are here to set the energetic format for you to begin to experience inter-dimensional aspects of yourself.  Not from the polarity of higher or lower. The rational mind is not part of this. It is not understanding it. You can be in the sixth dimension, you can be in fourth dimension, you can be in fifth dimension.

Who Are the Teachers of Light, Part 2

Yoda with a swordExcerpt from the interactive book A Course in Mastering Alchemy.   Below are my experiences and understandings of a few of the Teachers of Light who have participated in this project called Mastering Alchemy. The descriptions are meant to be simple introductions; the Teachers are much more than this. Your relationship with the Teachers will be uniquely yours and will continue to grow and evolve as you do.
Archangel Uriel is a grand storyteller. He was the first archangel I met. He beautifully explained the Fall of Consciousness and how humanity got in the situation we are now in. Uriel is artistic in both the words and visuals he presents to your inner sight. He guides your journey into the higher realms and appears to us as a gentle and kind companion.

Who Are the Teachers of Light, Part 1

Yoda looking out a windowExcerpt from the interactive book A Course in Mastering Alchemy.  The Teachers of Light (also known as the Elders) have guided this project: this book, and Mastering Alchemy course.
There exists a sacred place known as the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond, a place where you can connect with Creator (the source of all creation) and All That Is (all the creations of Creator). Within the Sanctuary there is a table where you can meet, create and communicate with the Teachers of Light. This table is your table. It is a place of great reverence.

Earth - A Christed Planet

solar eclipse in shades of blue Zadkiel: Your planet earth is very valued in the scheme of things, as it is of the Christed* Realm. And it is returning to that state. At the time of the Fall of Consciousness, there were certain frequency patterns and knowledge that were lost or intentionally removed. As we progress in this unfolding connection with the Rays of Creation, many transmissions are designed to reinstall the knowledge and energetics that were once available before the Fall.

Energetics Given

shapes with vibrant colors Zadkiel: This is much more than a teaching. This is a set of energetics that is now being given to you. Energetics that substantiate and hold the knowledge that you are being given. Without these energetics, this knowledge could not be received by you nor the students. It is required that this set of energetics be present for us to articulate and give forth what is now being given.