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You Have Been Gifted

During a Level Three conference: Metatron: Greetings. It is I, Metatron. I have come today to represent the triad comprised of myself, Michael, and Melchizadek. We are very honored to be with you as you begin your journey into higher states of consciousness. The blessings and gifts of Light you have received today have been given to you directly from the Godhead. These gifts are of a nature that you have never received nor have been able to embody. You will walk in the Spirit in which you were created, holding the frequency and resonance of higher dimensional realities.

Attachment and Allowing

Michael: Greetings. It is I, Michael. As you drop away from the third dimensional realities and you become more fluid and in motion, some of your emotional responses also will be reconfigured. Attachment is one of these emotions that will be reconfigured in this process. Attachment to a certain feeling that is the result of a creative effort or attachment to the creative outcome. The emotional attachment is not as installed or necessary when all flowing simultaneously, when it is in motion.

Jim: How do you substitute attachment for a consistent flow of excitement, enthusiasm, passion and love?

Are You a Sloppy Breather?

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend.  When you don’t manage your attention point and “go to” what you are looking at or thinking about, something very specific happens. You stop breathing. If you watch a baby, they are present and observing the world from within themselves. As we grow up we learn to “go to” what we are observing. As we continue to grow, we develop a tendency to leave part of ourselves in our past. Many times this is due to a worry that what happened in the past may happen again, so we decide we must be careful, leave some attention in the past and remember.

Master Every Moment?

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend.  At the beginning of this course, long before I knew it would be a course, Ascended Master Kuthumi told me that it is necessary (i.e. required) for me to be masterful of every thought, every emotion, every action … every moment. I swallowed hard and nodded, not sure how this was even possible and very clear it was far out of my reach. As my relationship with the Teachers of Light evolved over the years, however, I learned it is possible, though it requires personal commitment and focussed attention.

The Waves of Flux, Part Two

Zadkiel: Part of the reason for the energetics and the restraints and stabilization being removed is to accelerate and push the process quicker. It is also to help it unfold in a more smooth manner, as there will be many who will opt to leave. There will be much concern and much emotional upheaval, not only for those who are embodied, but also for Mother Earth and Earth herself. Her emotional body, will be very affected because of the very many physical changes that are occurring and will continue to escalate. It will be, at times, a very rough ride.

The Waves of Flux, Part One

Greetings. It is I, Zadkiel. There are many things occurring. Not only in your world, not only in your universe; but the entire cosmos is in flux. This is bringing about energy and consciousness and awareness that is of a much higher dimensional nature than was ever created since the beginning of time. These energetics and patterns are in flux and flowing at a very rapid rate from not just the earth plane, but from all levels. In times past there would normally be a very uniform, stabilized injection of energetic patterns into the physicality of the earth plane. This was the norm because this was the only way in which humanity could receive and benefit.

The Ray of Atlantian Knowledge

Metatron: The tenth Ray was created after the fall of Atlantis. It was created to access knowledge that had been lost. It was necessary to evolve past third dimensional realities. The tenth Ray was utilized by beings who have incarnated in service to Earth. Because of the mass destruction that occurred on Atlantis, great segments of knowledge were lost. This knowledge was readily available in those Atlantian times and it was desired that it be preserved for access at a later time. The tenth Ray was created for beings incarnating in service to third dimensional realities to bring about more consciousness and higher realities.

The Ninth Ray of Creation

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and AscendMetatron: Today we will again touch on the ninth Ray of Creation. As I said before, this Ray is mainly concerned with sound frequencies, sound currents, and vibratory rates. Because of the use of sound, vibrations and currents, the ninth Ray could also be used in other applications. One of which is something that you had brought up and we discussed previously. This Ray has the possibility of generating, through the cellular system, vibratory rates and currents that affect the cellular system itself.