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Experience Your Unlimitedness

Michael: Greetings. It is I, Michael. I am very pleased to be a part of this experiment. We Angelics are very excited. There is still some integration time that has to be allotted for but it has been decided to move forward a little bit so you can experience more of your multidimensionality and your unlimitedness. This is a very important key in being able to absorb and use what we are attempting to make available to the Earth plane at this time. Until you can experience your unlimited awareness and the unlimited availability of your consciousness it will be impossible for you to integrate what we are about to give to you.

Why All This Chaos Now? Part Two

Excerpt from the new book A Course in Mastering Alchemy: This Shift is happening now because we have asked for it to occur. It’s also happening now because we have accomplished what we came here to achieve. You see, the game of the third dimension has been fully played out, and played out very successfully. It’s now time to bring everything to completion and return Home to the heart of Creator. Everyone is going Home to the higher dimensions, but not everyone is going Home on the same timeline or with the same ease and grace. Going Home is precisely what the Shift is all about. 

Why All This Chaos Now? Part One

Excerpt from the new book A Course in Mastering Alchemy: There is a change underway in humanity and the Teachers of Light and All That Is are very excited about it. The Teachers of Light have told me that many Great Beings (with and without physical bodies) are watching humanity and are surprised (and wowed) by the direction we are taking to uplift not only ourselves and our planet but all planets and all form. However, most of humanity is not aware of this change or its contribution toward it.

Transforming the Carbon-Based Body and Brain

Kuthumi: These new children are coming into bodies that are created in much less density through parents who hold a different consciousness than their’s. As they experience life in form they begin to participate fully in raising further the consciousness of the Earth plane. They do so with much greater skill and ability because they do not have the added task of converting a great portion of the carbon-based physicality of the body. The bodies that they are inhabiting look the same as the bodies you are used to seeing but they are not the same. There is a different configuration in the way the energetics are held.

The Lower Three Chakras and Love, Part Two

Kuthumi: In the old system, a thought was thought then coupled with a negative emotion because the fear that was present in the first chakra to preserve and to survive was activated in the second chakra. As a limited flow of that became available in the third chakra, the third chakra operated in a reactive state to preserve and to survive through protecting the fallen image of self - the persona. The persona is engaged and there is a misuse of power that then comes into play through that third chakra.

The Lower Three Chakras and Love, Part One

Kuthumi: Let us now proceed, if you will, a little bit more with that second chakra. We have talked about how there is an innocence of a child that can be accessed in that second chakra when the consciousness is altered and when there have been alterations in the functioning of the first chakra through the mental body. It is through that Soul innocence of the child that you begin to change the way in which you create your reality.

Spiraling Flow Through the Chakras

Kuthumi: Greetings. It is I, Kuthumi! It is our desire that you get that awareness of your eternal nature into your body. It is our desire that you get the massiveness of your spiritual Essence and your unity with all of Creation into your body. You have to get that awareness deep within you before you can fully get the Rays of Creation and make them usable in a very specific way. You have to get that awareness. That is what we have been building in these last weeks. We have been building this pathway to that awareness. Can you see that?

Jim: Very much. A container has to be put in place.

Planet Called Home

As Roxane and I write these blogs each week we are awed and humbled by the words of these great Teachers of Light. We’re honored they asked us to play on this journey with them. This pathway that they orchestrated and named “Mastering Alchemy” is a co-creation with all who participate. It isn’t just the Archangels, Masters or us two humans who are uplifting humanity and Mother Earth. It is also all the participants, past and current. It is your Soul’s desire and your human dream of remembering Home. You are here to make a difference. You have much to contribute.