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Moving Mountains with Sound

Metatron: I would ask you to relax and allow. Yes, there are many complexities in these sound currents. By allowing the use of sound to come into your awareness, it will all take care of itself. There is no separation between the complexities and the sound currents themselves, and it is not needed for you to discern the complexities for you to use the sound current. It would be like needing to know a specific cellular structure in every aspect of a pencil, when all you’re wanting to do is write a letter. You just use the pencil. It is that way with sound.

Careful Creating

Metatron: It is now time to utilize the power, the fluidity and the higher frequencies to create what is desired. It is now time to have the mobility and have the unstructured applications, so that you have unrestricted creativity, yet always in total alignment with Source. It is not desired by Source that you be restricted in your creations, in any way, and that you have access to all of the frequencies and the power that is needed to create what you desire. The only restriction that you would have, would be, and it really isn’t a restriction, is just that you are asked to be very precise in your intention and in your alignment with the first Ray.

Creating Cellular Healing

Metatron: The purpose of these Rays is one of creation and aligning that creation with Source directly.  By impregnating your cell with the energetic of the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays and adding the sound frequencies of the ninth Ray, it more fully provides an operative schematic for the cellular system to come into full alignment with Source.  And the after-affects or the results of some of this would be healing in your thought system. If the cell had any disruptive energetic, by using this process there would be then coherency and you would term it as healing.

Unconscious Creating

Archangel Uriel: You see, because of the reality in which you reside, much of your being lies in the unconscious area, and there is danger here, because you can create from that area of the unconscious and not bring that into your conscious awareness.  So it is desired that light frequencies be installed to end this dimensional reality and to allow the unconscious portion to be brought into alignment and become fully consciously aware.  

Jim:  Is there something that I can do that I am not doing to access that awareness or speed that awareness up?

Unifying Your Bodies - Part 1

Yeshua:  You have come far with us over the last several years of your time. You have studied. You have practiced. You have experienced.  The time now to begin to open your consciousness a little further is very, very much at this moment. You have opened the door into this New Era.  You have also opened the door into a new state of conscious awareness. One that you could not have stepped into in the old third dimensional paradigm.

Your Soul Spirit in a Physical Body

Kuthumi: There is an aspect of the personality of this particular embodiment that was chosen before coming into the embodiment for a specific reason. The reason was to have a certain way in which to experience the physical realm.  The personality, after each embodiment, is not brought forth into a new lifetime.  Instead, a specific personality trait is created by the Soul, to be used in the physical body.

Jim:  And would that personality trait become more fine tuned as we step into the utilization of all these different bodies?

The Etheric Body and Choice, Part 2

Jim: Kuthumi, between last week’s Level 2 session and this week’s, Yeshua asked that we put more attention in that layer of the emotional body that has choice and the layer that has the higher feelings of joy and bliss and wellbeing. He said that because the etheric body has the ability to create a harmonic flow, using it as a buffer will enable many of these unconscious patterns to be cleared more easily.  Many are doing this. Some, however, are placing their attention in that lower emotional strata and experiencing the opportunity to choose and empower themselves.

The Etheric Body and Choice, Part 1

Jim:  Kuthumi, We’re receiving questions such as, ‘Am I doing it right?’  ‘I don’t know how to do it.’  ‘What is the etheric body?’  ‘How do I find it?’  One of the answers is: ‘By putting your attention into the clarity of the etheric space and not being pulled into that emotion or thought pattern, you have an ability to observe it intentionally and quickly let it go. But, many are still in the 3D habit of, ‘I’m not okay.’  Can you speak to that so people have a conscious understanding of the choice that’s available to them?