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Knowing Beauty

Zadkiel: Many changes are occurring within you on a physical level.  There will be a distinct difference and you will be shown this. This is between a feeling/emotion and a knowing that stems from information that comes through the Living Lightbody.  There are components within the physical body that must be made to accommodate a fuller integration of the Lightbody into form.  It is a change from the carbon base form into another form that you perceive as crystalline in nature.  

Creating Positive Patterns

Metatron:  It is now time to focus upon creating from the perspective of positive emotional responses, rather than the elimination of negative components we have been working with previously.  Both areas will be addressed because it is still necessary to work with some of these negative components that hold patterns within the magnetic field. It is equally important to begin to create more positively from this level of creation, because this also will begin to create the experiential field within Earth’s atmosphere and begin to benefit the Collective in a way that you had not considered previously.

Integrating These Transmissions

Greetings.  It is I, Metatron.  I am here at this time to coordinate with you the coming transmissions that will be necessary for the evolution of this project.  Many angelics have been involved in the creation of this project.  As we proceed, we get into the information regarding the higher Rays of Creation. Certain states of consciousness are required to be able to integrate the information in a way that is desired and useful.  This integration requires you to step up in a way that allows your own personal energy field to escalate in a way that supports these transmissions so that the material can be taught, written and preserved for future times.

De-Charging the Magnetics of Issues

Zadkiel: The first application I would like to address is the eighth Ray application of clearing. It is in this application that you are able to clear all obstructions; all prior beliefs, thoughts, and emotional patterns that restrict you from obtaining a higher, clearer state of consciousness and awareness.  What has been taught to you through your scientific community is what is thought of to be the norm.  It takes a level of consciousness to go beyond the norm in order to use the higher applications.  In this clearing process you will begin to see how you created those beginning patterns and issues. Then it will be an easy step to create other patterns that are outside of the norm.

Making Decisions as the Soul

Zadkiel: At this juncture in these transmissions I feel it is very appropriate to explore more thoroughly the eighth Ray of Creation. One of the main applications of this Ray is of clearing. Avatars and very advanced beings who have come to do service, use this Ray so they might return to their original state in the purity from which they came. It is also through this Ray that those embodied begin to access their original schematic as soul.  Through this schematic those individuals have a full range of knowledge into why they have come to experience levels of being as an individual entity. 

No Limitations

Zadkiel: You see, there is no limitation. There is no right and there is no wrong. When we are working together, we are working at a fifth, sixth, seventh dimensional level. You have stepped out of third and fourth dimensions where you have linear constraints and you have polarizations that limit creation. In the avenues where we are now operating and creating, there are no limitations. Yes, there are results but that, in itself, is not a limitation. If what is created is not to your liking, you are not constrained by the thought of “Oh, this is wrong and I have to live with it” but instead “Oh, this isn’t what I thought it would be, so let’s adjust it and create a little different aspect to it.

Fear As A Pattern

Jim: Greetings Zadkiel. I have a question. Can fear exist without an emotion?

Zadkiel: Yes. It is the emotion that puts fear in play. When you attach a thought to an emotion, it pulls it into the physicality; into the reality. Fear, of itself, is only a pattern. If you equate it with “good” or “bad” or “less desirable”, you miss the legitimate uses for that pattern that are not negative.

Jim: So, for example, the pattern of fear might create a state of alertness to something that doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t have to have an emotion attached to it in that context.

Time Recalibrated

Metatron: Time, as you know it, has been recalibrated. Time has gone from being linear to being more circular. Time is an element in the creative process but not in the way you are used to using it. The circular motion of it may be hard to get your rational mind around. Let me say this: Time, as it is being reconfigured, will allow for opportunities to create multiple results in the creative process. Without the change of the magnetic fields around the earth, this change in time could not occur. There are magnetic fields around the exterior of earth in many layers. There are also magnetic components within the earth’s structure.

The Separation

Michael: As you explore avenues of higher thought forms, you will understand there are many levels to the thinking process. The thinking process, centered in the physicality of the brain, is normal for the vast majority of those who are embodied in your world. They are unable to move outside of that physical dynamic. As you begin to explore more of this material and teach it and experience it for yourself, you will begin to realize the complexities of thought forms. “Thought forms” are different from the thought that comes from the physicality. Thought forms have many more complexities and levels. It is this that we have been talking about geometrically and mathematically in previous sessions.

You Have Been Gifted

During a Level Three conference: Metatron: Greetings. It is I, Metatron. I have come today to represent the triad comprised of myself, Michael, and Melchizadek. We are very honored to be with you as you begin your journey into higher states of consciousness. The blessings and gifts of Light you have received today have been given to you directly from the Godhead. These gifts are of a nature that you have never received nor have been able to embody. You will walk in the Spirit in which you were created, holding the frequency and resonance of higher dimensional realities.