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Accessing Your Lightbody

golden bursting Sun rays The Triad of Uriel, Metatron, Zadkiel.  As you begin to work with the various layers of your Lightbody, you will begin to understand at a whole different level of your being.  And it will become unimportant whether your mind has a conceptual understanding.   Even though it must be given through language, and brought through the physical vehicle, the main understanding and usability of the material takes place in the Lightbody.  Our dialogues will continue in basically the same form; however, there is a whole other realm that has been activated, and will be in use.                                                      

Atlantean Grief

Angel Statue with head in handMetatron: The eighth, ninth and tenth Rays of Creation were very much used in the creation process and the advanced states that Atlanteans took for granted in their day-to-day life. They were neglectful in utilizing these Ray energetics. Because of this, many things were mis-created and there was a set of energetics that began to multiply and create abnormalities. Consciousness began to Fall. Forgetfulness of Source occurred. Eventually Atlantis not only fell but was totally destroyed by the energetics the Atlanteans used in the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays.