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Bridging Between Nonphysical and Physical

person hang gliding though clouds over mountainsMetatron:  It is now time to focus upon creating from the perspective of positive emotional responses, rather than the elimination of negative components we have been working with previously.  Both areas will be addressed because it is still necessary to work with some of these negative components that hold patterns within the magnetic field. It is equally important to begin to create more positively from this level of creation, because this also will begin to create the experiential field within Earth’s atmosphere and begin to benefit the Collective in a way that you had not considered previously.

Integrating These Transmissions

person hang gliding though clouds over mountainsGreetings.  It is I, Metatron.  I am here at this time to coordinate with you the coming transmissions that will be necessary for the evolution of this project.  Many angelics have been involved in the creation of this project.  As we proceed, we get into the information regarding the higher Rays of Creation. Certain states of consciousness are required to be able to integrate the information in a way that is desired and useful.  This integration requires you to step up in a way that allows your own personal energy field to escalate in a way that supports these transmissions so that the material can be taught, written and preserved for future times.

Master Every Moment? No Way.

siamese cat with eyes moving to the centerpeeking around a corner Excerpt from the book A Course in Mastering Alchemy. 

At the beginning of this course, long before I knew it would be a course, Ascended Master Kuthumi told me that it is necessary (i.e. required) for me to be masterful of every thought, every emotion, every action … every moment. I swallowed hard and nodded, not sure how this was even possible and very clear it was far out of my reach. As my relationship with the Teachers of Light evolved over the years, however, I learned it is possible, though it requires personal commitment and focussed attention.

No Limitations

person hang gliding though clouds over mountainsZadkiel: You see, there is no limitation. There is no right and there is no wrong. When we are working together, we are working at a fifth, sixth, seventh dimensional level. You have stepped out of third and fourth dimensions where you have linear constraints and you have polarizations that limit creation. In the avenues where we are now operating and creating, there are no limitations. Yes, there are results but that, in itself, is not a limitation. If what is created is not to your liking, you are not constrained by the thought of “Oh, this is wrong and I have to live with it” but instead “Oh, this isn’t what I thought it would be, so let’s adjust it and create a little different aspect to it. Let’s re-create it.


Fear Without Emotion?

person walking on a rock between two large rocks well above waterJim: Greetings Zadkiel. I have a question. Can fear exist without an emotion?

Zadkiel: Yes. It is the emotion that puts fear in play. When you attach a thought to an emotion, it pulls it into the physicality; into the reality. Fear, of itself, is only a pattern. If you equate it with “good” or “bad” or “less desirable”, you miss the legitimate uses for that pattern that are not negative.

The Ninth Ray

musical sound waveExcerpt from the book A Course in Mastering Alchemy.
Metatron: Today we will again touch on the ninth Ray of Creation. As I said before, this Ray is mainly concerned with sound frequencies, sound currents, and vibratory rates. Because of the use of sound, vibrations and currents, the ninth Ray could also be used in other applications. One of which is something that you had brought up and we discussed previously.

De-charging Your Issues

lightening bolt with side lightening shootsZadkiel: The first application I would like to address is the eighth Ray application of clearing. It is in this application that you are able to clear all obstructions; all prior beliefs, thoughts, and emotional patterns that restrict you from obtaining a higher, clearer state of consciousness and awareness.  What has been taught to you through your scientific community is what is thought of to be the norm. 

Making Decisions as the Soul

man wearing a backpack in a forest with two paths to choose fromZadkiel: At this juncture in these transmissions I feel it is very appropriate to explore more thoroughly the eighth Ray of Creation. One of the main applications of this Ray is of clearing. Avatars and very advanced beings who have come to do service, use this Ray so they might return to their original state in the purity from which they came.

You Are Clairvoyant, Part 2

Closeup of green human eye-looking to the rightExcerpt from the Kindle book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

You already are clairvoyant. Let us give you some examples of how this valuable ability may benefit you:

You will find yourself in present time versus in the future or past. Because you are operating in present time you are clearly able to see your options, as well as the appropriate response for each situation in which you find yourself.

You Are Clairvoyant, Part 1

Closeup of hazel human eye and eyebrow looking straight aheadExcerpt from the Kindle book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly with your inner eye. Many people regard clairvoyance with some ambivalence: either they dismiss it as a clever “parlor trick,” developed from an ability to read subtle body language and facial expressions, or they view it with a measure of awe, as some “magical gift” that’s only attainable if you happen to be the seventh son of a seventh son, for example.